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A proudly Mexican Company, more than 30 years contributing to the transformation of the country within the industrial and infrastructure fields. Grupo Industrial Aguila is constituted by a group of companies specialized in industrial maintenance, manufacturing and transformation of steel, construction of industrial plants, basic and detailed engineering, as well as leasing cranes and specialized maneuvers.
The company has more than 1,800 collaborators concentrated on solving the most complex challenges our customers have. GI Aguila is a globally driven innovative and profitable enterprise with high standards of commitment and social responsibility.

“It is a great satisfaction to look back and see what we have achieved as a Company and and what we have become, a solid group , with a valuable staff that has made posible our reality...”
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Our Company


To be the most reliable and entrepreneurial group favored by the customer’s choice within the scope of businesses the group has, and to maintain constant search for the leadership of our companies.

To be recognized as specialized and profitable businesses by our customers, collaborators, suppliers, community and shareholders keeping sustainable and organized growth, as well as to keep an innovative, honest, reliable, efficient profile with an integral sense of responsibility that fosters mutual beneficial long-term relationships.


To provide our products and services through a group of specialized enterprises, working in teams, backed up by very competitive personnel, using top of the line systems and infrastructure to satisfy the needs of our customers in the industrial and commercial fields and services fulfilling the expectations of our collaborators, suppliers, community and shareholders.


Safety and Maintenance
At Group Industrial Aguila , safety, quality , cost and delivery time are our priorities .If there were discrepancies among these, safety comes first thus we have to handle risks with an adequate planning which allows to comply with all of them.

It is a joint responsibility that each one of us is responsible for the integrity of our staff, facilities and our customers’ and the community.

Therein , casualties prevention should be an attitude present in our daily duties, complying with our policies and procedures along with our customers’, current regulations respecting thee ecologic environment.

At Grupo Industrial Aguila , we aim to satisfy our internal- external customers needs and to provide support to achieve our customers goals. We are committed to supply services and products that fulfill the quality established in the negotiation, working effectively and safely trough a Quality Management System.

We proactively search innovation and continuous improvemente thorugh creativity and the necessary change in systems, processes and methodologies, that would enable added value to our customers and shareholders developing their loyalty and therefore accomplishing a global and competitive position.

Human Resources
All personnel that is part of any of the companies of Grupo Industrial Aguila should have the required profile, experience ,attitude and loyalty in his/her position.

Staff should act in accordance with the principles and values of our Company showing the highest customer service level , respecting and fullfilling legal guidelines.


At Grupo industrial Aguila we work all our processes under international norms of the highest standards, following the paths established by world class enterprises, in order to offer top quality service to our customers.

Our company Aguila Fabricación has the ASME international certification in three different printed design patterns, manufacturing atmospheric tank repairs U, S and R.

This way, we certify our processes and certify the quality of work.

Grupo Industrial Aguila is focused on updating its processes from time to time, so that the adoption of international methodologies supplied to operational and administrative processes, guarantees work quality.

In regards to operative systems, all activities are performed under the standard ISO 9001-2008. Industrial safety is based uppn what the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare established along with the adoption of OSHA, all the above are referents to generate our Security Manual which is also adapted to the specific custumers’ needs in terms of Safety.

At Grupo Industrial Aguila continuous improvement in all processes is of the outmost importance to guarantee experience and quality.

Continuous improvement and social Responsibility

GRUPO INDUSTRIAL AGUILA is focused on periodically updating its processes, due to the adoption of international methodologies applied to operational and administrative systems, this represents the quality with wish we work.

During the execution of any project, control and administration is carried out under the methodology PMBOK (PROJECT MANAGAMENT INSTITUTE), which allows us to execute the projects with highest world-class standards that support the administration of the work not only within our country but anywhere in the world. In the field of the management development, we work under the ideology WJ REDDIN, which has the most recognized global quality places us as an enterprise searching to have the seal of a international management activities.

The continuous improvement in all processes of GRUPO INDUSTRIAL AGUILA is an important part to guarantee our expertise and quality.

Aguila has implemented a culture of integral responsibility, as a means to reach continuous improvement and sustainable development in all operations; hence, we encourage the quality, the safety and care of the environment. The work done by GRUPO INDUSTRIAL AGUILA has been recognized on several occasions; nevertheless, the most valuable recognition comes from our customers, which is expressed by the growth reached by the group.

Strategic planning and balanced scorecard

The methodology of the model Execution Premium has as our main objective to design, implement and administrate the strategy that will allow Grupo Industrial Águila and its enterprises to achieve its vision.


✔ Formalization and implementation of a proven methodology of strategic planning.

✔ A clear view of the strategic course of action of Grupo Industrial Aguila.

✔ Integral administration of the organization covering the 4 perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard (Financial, customers, internal processes and growth and learning).

✔ Order and structure for the strategy at all levels of the organization.

✔ Prepare the organization to be successful in future challenges.

Directive management system

This scheme takes as a base the culture of responsibility and accountability with a multilevel communication and inter-areas.


✔ Operational discipline: improves the operation control in order to focus the organization towards a medium and long-term management strategy of the organization.

✔ Approach to action and results: provide the organization with a sense of responsibility for results and fiscal accountability.

✔ Internal Coordination: to develop an effective model of communication throughout the three levels of the organization.

✔ Use of a continuous improvement system through the corrective and preventive action plans.

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