“It is a great satisfaction to look back and see what we have achieved as a Company and and what we have become, a solid group , with a valuable staff that has made posible our reality”

Grupo industrial Aguila is made up by 6 different companies dedicated to diverse specializations within the field of Construction and Services of Industrial Maintenance with a leadership vocation, capable of responding effectively to our costumers needs with a cost-effective approach focused on strategy of growth and continuous improvement. Our Company is commited to promote job opportunities as well as on going training to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation and technology by respecting our safety and ecological environment. Our staff shows ethics and initiative demonstrating complete identification with the company’s project and motivation by searching for continuous professional development. .

Grupo Industrial Aguila is aware of the global constant changes . Hence, it begins a new stage of challenges, renovation and business strategies that will lead us to keep on climbing up the difficult road of the twenty first century faces. We are certain we wil get over such challenges succesfully due to our human resources that have shown their spirit for self-improvement and also by sticking to our policies, values , mission and visión which will lead the future of the Company.